zonpoc - is the idea of a place where you can
share information about interesting topics… link to an interesting
article, movie, movie, concert, music, local news, events. This is not
supposed to be the next tiktok or facebook, but a tool for sharing
something interesting, inspiring for people who like to discover and
explore, looking for inspiration to do something. This is the idea, but
of course it is not a paradigm, we assume that creative users will also
inspire us to change and develop.Of course, we invite everyone to use -
submit comments, cooperation in development, feedback ...



We were able to organize a 10-day trip to Morocco at a very attractive price.

We organized a flight (from Krakow) including attractions such as excursions, visiting Casablanca, Marrakesh. A trip along the coast and a little lazing on the beach. Finally, a visit to Tangier and Gibraltar.


Tissot Le Locle T006.407.16.033.00 - we arranged it for the client for 1990 PLN - market price 2,450 PLN

How to make a basic website with volt1.net quickly and cheaply

The cost of the basic cancellation with us starts from 500 EURO

Step 1 - get ready first and answer the following questions:

- for whom are you launching the website and what is the purpose of it: informative, to contact customers, acquire new customers, trade or other?
- what information you want to put on it, how it should be expanded, how often you will update it
- think about the appearance - find some sample pages that will be a reference point for further work and speeds up the process of creating the page
- think about the domain of your website (e.g. www.myfirma.pl) or maybe you want to use our domain e.g. www.myfirma.volt1.net
- we offer our clients the implementation of such website elements as contact forms integrated with e-mail, chat, website posts
- if you want, we will also run accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel, TikTok, Instagram
- our websites are adapted to work on mobile phones, the so-called responsive. They can be used both by phone and computer or tablet

Step 2 - contact us - we will advise and agree on the terms of implementation.

Our consultant will help you prepare for implementation quickly and agree on the scope of work and conditions. Collect the required information and prepare the order for signature.

Step 3 - order signing and implementation

As soon as the terms and scope of work are agreed, we will proceed to the implementation on the agreed date after the order is confirmed and the advance payment of 35% is paid. When the website is ready in 7 working days on average, we will pass it to you for verification and if everything is ok, we will make it available to your customers. Then we will also wait for the rest of the payment to be made.

Want to know more - write to us

Visit us at https://www.volt1.net/en